Membership benefits

  1. Provision of a unified organization to represent the profession of Reflexology Therapy at the provincial level.
  2. Provision of a provincial framework of qualifications, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and Conduct to strengthen and guide the profession of Reflexology Therapy.
  3. Registration and representation of  qualifying Reflexology Therapists in Nova Scotia.
  4. Provision of a forum whereby Reflexology Therapists will have a voice as to how Reflexology develops in Nova Scotia.
  5. Continuing professional development and educational opportunities.
  6. Provision of a way to monitor and protect the profession through disciplinary procedures.
  7. Promotion and encouragement of the acceptance and use of Reflexology Therapy.
  8. Enhanced credibility with other professional organizations.
  9. Increased public confidence and safety.
  10. Access to any provided benefits and insurance programs at affordable rates.
  11. Provincial Public Referral Listing
  12. Newsletter