Reflexology Therapy Certification

Footsteps Reflexology School:

Atlantic School of Reflexology:


Footsteps Reflexology School – Atlantic Canada Course Dates 2017

Anatomy & Physiology**          By correspondence with work manual and text book – minimum  

(pre-requisite)                          study of 50 hours $276.50 + hst (rmt status exempt)


Reflexology Diploma – 300 Hours

Location Dates Cost
Quality Inn,





Jun 12 – 16

9.30 – 4.30

Review & Exam Day TBA


$950 + hst


$85 + hst

The Lantern, Barnes Road

St Johns



July 21 – 26

9.30 – 4.30

Review & Exam Day TBA


$950 + hst


$85 + hst

Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy,

6960 Mumford Road, Suite 180,  Halifax


Sep 20 – 25

9.30 – 4.30

Review & Exam Day TBA


$950 + hst *


$85 + hst



Hand Reflexology – One day workshop, 10 – 4pm 

St Johns Thursday July 27 $180 + hst
Halifax Tuesday Sep 26 $180 + hst


Indian Head Massage – One day workshop, 9 – 5pm

St Johns Friday July 28 $280 + hst
Halifax Wednesday Sep 27 $280 + hst


** Please note that students who have already studied this subject for other therapies may be exempt from this pre-requisite.

Also note, that for any student registering for the Diploma course in Nova Scotia, it is mandatory to join NSARP, the reflexology association in the province, for a fee of only $50 as a student.

For Registered Massage Therapists, the diploma course carries 52 CEUs to be awarded by the relevant association.

From January 2017 we are now offering the option to upgrade your professional designation to a 500 hour programme with Footsteps, the additional 200 hours come from the following disciplines and prior learning will be taken into consideration.

Acupressure     100 hrs             4 day workshop                       $750 plus hst

Subjects covered: Comprehension, mechanisms, functions and inbalances of Qi in the body, history of meridian theory, yin and yang organs, 12 source points and 12 xi-cleft points

(This course is being offered in Toronto in May 2017 and St Johns in September 2017)

Nutrition           30 hrs              online only                               $280 plus hst

Learning the basics of nutrition, digestive system, food groups, minerals, vitamins, fibre, organics and a nutritional project to complete

(This can be taken at any time)

Business start up  10               1 day workshop or online        $180 plus hst

Learning necessary skills to set up and maintain a small business, advertising, marketing, promotion, licensing, book keeping, business plan etc

Reiki                60 hrs             

This should be achieving Reiki I and Reiki II with a combination of in class, self Reiki, Reiki practice and Reiki share learning

(Price will be determined locally)

For further information on location, course curriculum, please contact Janet Williams 1 416 788 5970 or visit the website,


Join the Atlantic School of Reflexology for our 4-day FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Professional Certification Course:

June 19, 20, 21 & 22, 2017; (Mon-Thurs) 9 AM – 6 PM
Location: Halifax, NS
Tuition: $995
To register:

The entire body and all its parts are represented on an anatomical ‘reflexology’ body map on the feet. Stimulating specific reflexology points with finger pressure helps the body focus on its corresponding areas, encouraging circulation, hormone regulation, toxin removal, relaxation, and overall balance. Foot reflexology is a well-established healing modality that continues to grow in popularity, and is gaining more recognition by health insurance providers in Canada.

200 Course Hours Includes: 
35 hours class instruction
130 hours practicum (65 practicum sessions)
15 hours independent assignments
20 hours home study/exam preparation
*Exam to be scheduled separately within one year of class instruction (lots of time to fulfill requirements, even if you are working full time!)

Course content: 
• History of Reflexology
• Theories as to How Reflexology Works
• Holistic Wellness Model
• Structure of the Foot
• Foot Conditions/Pathologies
• Contraindications and Special Considerations
• 9 Body Systems:
Essential Anatomy and Physiology
Foot Charts, Complete Reflexology ‘Map’
Foot Reflexology Routine
• Target Reflexes for Specific Health Concerns
• Chronic Pain Reflexes
• Toxin Release Symptoms
• Professionalism, Business and Marketing
• Reflexology Health Record Keeping, Privacy of Information
• Assignments, Resources, Appendices

No prerequisite is required, this is a comprehensive course. Your knowledgeable and energetic instructor, Jennifer Johnson, has 20 years of experience with clients and students.


For more info: