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What is Reflexology Therapy?          

Reflexology Therapy is the practice of applying precise finger and thumb techniques to reflex points in the feet or hands to create a positive change in the corresponding and connected area of the body. By doing this, the body’s own natural healing ability is stimulated. Reflexology can be used to treat pain, digestive issues, respiratory issues, hormonal issues, inflammation, stress and much more.


A necessary step in the development of Reflexology Therapy as a profession within Nova Scotia was the formation of a provincial registering self-governing body to represent its practitioners. Hence, NSARP was created in 2005 to fulfill this requirement.

NSARP is committed to expanding and defining the role of Reflexology Therapy within the healthcare profession.The public has a right to fully trained and certified therapists as a matter of safety and professionalism and to be informed about the benefits of Reflexology Therapy.

NSARP sets high standards of practice by ensuring that all members with the Registered Reflexology Therapist designation is a graduate of an approved program, has up to date Standard First Aid and CPR certification, has professional liability insurance and maintains a minimum amount of Continuing Education Units.  Furthermore, we have implemented a Mentorship Training Program to provide certified Reflexology Therapists with access to more experienced therapists for the purpose of strengthening their skills and assisting with any questions or concerns with regard to their own practice.  We offer two events per year where members can learn new skills, engage in open discussion about the association and socialize with other members.


If you are interested in Reflexology Therapy Certification, have a look at our accredited certification training program information.

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